Mini-rampa - JCB - Rio de Janeiro

Concrete mini-ramp designed and built for the Jockey Club Brasileiro, em Rio de Janeiro (BR), with Rio Ramp Design.

foto Sylvio Azevedo 

Praça DuO - Rio de Janeiro (BR)

"Re-building" of "Praça DuO" (Rio de Janeiro, BR).

"Praça DuO" is a public square that skaters have taken care of, making of it an original skate plaza through the years, and making it a living place, by getting rid of the drug dealers that were virtually owing the place before them. Today, the same skaters that made a diy spot of the square have been hired to rebuild it into a genuine skate plaza (Bruno Pires and Sylvio Azevedo, of Riorampdesign, are locals of the spot!). Doctor Skatepark is now actively collaborating on the construction of the place.


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Noeux-les-Mines (FR)- Bowl - 3d

Somo modifications of the bowl, creation of the 3d and plans of the modifications, for Concrete Flow Skateparks, in charge of the construcción of the bowl in Noeux-les-Mines (FR).

The bowl and the builder!


Micro-rampa Lima (PE)

Design and construction of a micro-ramp in Lima (PE), in collaboration with PERALTA GRIND and RESPECT.


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Skatepark Louvain-la-Neuve (B) - 3d

Design, 3d and plans realized with and for Concrete Flow Skateparks, skatepark project for Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Cosmic Bowl - Rio de Janeiro

"Cosmic Bowl"  - a bowl built in "Cosmos" neighbourhood, Campo Grande, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil. A collaborative work with Rio Ramp Design, and the participation of Mike Van der Ouderaa (Concrete Flow) and Arne Fiehl (Boardstein magazine)

 Photo: Cesinha Chaves -

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