Doctor Skatepark is a skateparks specialist with more than 20 years of wooden and concrete ramps and parks expertise. It is also an outcome: quality skateparks corresponding to up to date standards require the expertise of those who converted their skateboarders experience into building skills.

1989: Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)

It is often mistaken that a good construction company can construct a good skatepark. But a skatepark isn't a common sports field. To build a skatepark, you need more than construction skills: a skatepark is a creation, a unique piece of art in which the experience of skateboarding and the construction skills are combined, and which needs as much creativity as skateboarding itself.

The result is a unique combination of radiuses, angles, structures and know-how which participates to the back and forth movement between the constant evolution of skateboarding and of its infrastructures.


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